Departments under Public Works


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Request for Proposals/Bids

            None at this time.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports for 2015

            -  Pounding Mill

            -  Clifton Forge

            -  Covington


Alleghany GIS Site

            - To purchase layers in digital format, fill out and return this form.


Refuse Collection

            - General Information contact, phone number, address

            - Weekly Refuse Pickup for the County and Town of Clifton Forge

            - Holiday Schedules

- Transfer Station Brochure

            - Overnight Truck

            - Special Curb-Side Pickup and Form (Printable in MS Word Format)

            - General Complaint Form


Building Inspections

            - General Information contact, phone number, address

            - Application Form

            - Fee Schedule

            - Permit Requirements

            - Codes Used

            - Complaints and Complaint Form

            - Minimum Inspections Required

            - Erosion and Sedimentation Requirements

                        - Agreement in Lieu of

                        - Land Disturbance Permit


Water and Sewer

            - General Information

            - Water/Sewer Billing and Account Information

            - To Report Water Breaks or Sewage Problems

            - Water and Sewer Commission

            - Applications

                        - New Connection (Owner)

                        - New Connection (Tenant)

                        - Landlord Authorization

                        - Reconnection

                        - Close Account (Discontinue Service)

                        - Name/Address Change

            - Water and Sewer Ordinance Chapter of Code



            - General Information Contact, Phone Number, Address

            - Comprehensive Plan

            - Board of Zoning Appeals

                        - General Information

                        - Meeting Schedule

            - Planning Commission

                         - General Information

                        -  Meeting Schedule

            - Fees

            - Zoning Regulations Chapter 66 of Code

            - Applications/Forms

                        - Special Use

                        - Special Exception

                        - Variance

                        - Appeals

                        - Planned Unit Development (PUD)

                        - Rezoning

                        - Traffic Impact Analysis Compliance Form

                        - Use Not Provided For

                        - Zoning Application For Building Permit

                        - Zoning Application for Business License

                        - Complaint Form


Subdivisions/Land Divisions

            - General Information

            - Types of Land Divisions and Plat requirements

            - Land Division Application

            - Vacation of Plat Application

            - Traffic Impact Analysis Compliance Form

            - Fees

            - Subdivision Regulations Chapter 54 of Code

            - Planning Commission


Flood Information

            - General Information

            - Link to FEMA website NFIP section


Code Compliance

            - General Information

            - Complaint Form

                        - Chapter 46- Offenses Misc.

                        - Chapter 60- Inoperable/Abandoned Vehicles


County Vehicle Maintenance

            - General Information